Welcome to Nalanda


Nalanda Science & Commerece College, Katni was started in the year 2008. Ever since the start, our institution has provided a vibrant and congenial environment for our students to learn and enhance their knowledge. Our faculty is trained to impart knowledge based education to our students. Our institution provides various activities, arts, sports in order to enhance our student’s learning skills. We aim to make our students thinkers and encourage them to be creative and critical. At our institution, learning takes place inside the classroom and out. In addition to the coursework offered, students “learn by doing” through a variety of activities and projects that bring together knowledge and practice. We provide a congenial environment for our students to expand their knowledge through cooperative study in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Vision Statement:

We are organizing now Bachelor of elementary teacher education programme leading to Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EL.ED.)-B.ED. Degree & (D.EL.ED.)-D.ED. Diploma, Education is that toll, which is developing our society. We can do revolutionized changes in society by the education. The institution efforts full to save the educational cultural and knowledge Science by using of education. Education is not only a tool of live hood and knowledge, actually the education is the process of in which life must be developed

Mission and Objectives:

The goal and logo of our intuition is to develop teaching skills those who are taking under training. To introduce about new technology and technical learning process among the trainer students which one is make effective learning. The aim of institution is every student must be good in education with the help of trained students in society. The main aim of institution is the students play own role for culture and educational envelopment.

Nalanda Faculty Staff